Our Terms and Conditions 

Kelly’s Taxi Service in St. Thomas, VI offers impeccable taxi and tour services. Our tour packages are designed to make your holiday an unforgettable one. Please read more about our terms and conditions.


All rates quoted are subject to change.

Guarantees & Cancellations

The number of participants must be guaranteed for the activities elected by your group.
When you guarantee a number, you will be held responsible to pay for that number if the
count decreases. If the count increases, you are liable for the higher number of participants.
We must be notified of all changes in numbers prior to the deadline even for simple transfers. This will save you unnecessary expenses and allow us to maintain efficient and positive relationships with our vendors.  To cancel, please give us 3 hours notice to receive full refund.

Payment Procedures

Full payment is due at the time of booking. 


For large groups, we require all arrival and departure information in our office at least one week prior to the group's arrival. When sending your arrival and departure list, we ask that it be in chronological order by date, time and flight number.

When sending revisions or additions, please submit only the changes, not the entire arrival/departure list. If it is impossible to send only the changes, highlight new information with an asterisk so we can distinguish new information from old. 


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Kelly’s Taxi Service, Inc.
PO Box 8264
St. Thomas, VI


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